Have you ever wondered how information is represented within a neural network?

All the inputs, outputs, and transformations are represented by data structures, referred to as tensors. Now you probably are wondering, what are really tensors?

The term “tensor” is more a mathematical generalization of many concepts rather than one…

Recall that supervised learning is when algorithms are trained off of labelled data. Each input passed into your model during training is a pair that includes the input object and its corresponding value. …

The brain is a miraculous organ, and that's not a secret to anyone. Our brains may only be 3 pounds, however, it's the powerhouse of intelligence, interpretation, initiating body movement, and is the steering wheel that controls all of our behaviours.

Although the brain is one of the most important…

To some people, the idea of a brain-computer interface may seem alarming, if not scary.

There are a lot of dystopian ideas associated with these devices, such as that people will be able to control your mind, telepathy, A.I. will take over your brains, you’ll become a cyborg.

Although brain-comper…

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