An Intro To The World of Connectomics

Brain Communication


The Connectome

C. elegans

The Importance of Constructing a Human Connectome

Key Takeaways 🔑

  • connectomics is the study of the brain’s structural and functional connections between different cells
  • This correlation is visualized as a connectome, referring to a set of connections within the brain
  • Neurons communicate with each other through neurotransmitters, and synapses allow signals to pass from one neuron to another
  • The connectome is a comprehensive map of the neural connections within the brain of an organism
  • Currently, the only organism that we have a complete connectome for is C. elegans
  • scientists followed C. elegans neuronal pathways with their own vision, and the convoluted paths were tracked through many microscopic images
  • our brains have 80–100 billion neurons and an estimated amount of 700 trillion synaptic connections
  • completing the human connectome is out of our reach due to the existing technology we have
  • to construct a single human connectome, we will need many electron microscopes and artificial intelligence
  • there is optimism in terms of developing a human connectome because microscopes are improving and becoming cheaper, and A.I. is being used in connectomics
  • once we can fully construct human connectomes, scientists and doctors will solve many mysteries related to the correlation between our brain structure and abilities and behaviours

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All things AI and emerging tech :)

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Ashley C

Ashley C

All things AI and emerging tech :)

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