Neural Dust Will Revolutionize The Lives of Many and Here’s Why

Neural Dust Sensor
  • Around 70% of lung cancer patients will survive for at least a year if diagnosed at the earliest stage.
  • In England, more than 9 in 10 bowel cancer patients survive the disease for 5 years or more, if diagnosed at the earliest stage.
  • Almost all women diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage survive their disease for at least 5 years.
  • individuals are unaware of possible signs and symptoms
  • individuals often put off doctor appointments because they are unaware of the severity of symptoms they may be facing.
  • sometimes, individuals put off doctor appointments because they are afraid they may have a certain disease or illness, and they’d rather not know. Then when they finally realize they need medical attention, it's too late to guarantee positive results.
  • Hospitals are slow, doctors are busy.
  • Diagnosis journeys are not always straightforward. Many doctors are uncertain of certain things, and they will always investigate more than one possibility before guaranteeing it's the worst result.

About Neural Dust and How it Operates

Neural Dust Sensor Architecture.
Image From UC Berkeley

The Future

Key Takeaways 🔑

  • Neural Dust was developed by researchers at UC Berkeley
  • The sensors are as tiny as a grain of sand (0.8mm x 3mm x 1mm)
  • The sensors enable real-time electrophysiological recordings of nerves, muscles, organs, and cells within the peripheral nervous system
  • Unlike traditional electrodes, they don’t have batteries or require wires
  • Recorded data can be used to stimulate parts of the brains to stop the prompt of a disorder
  • These sensors have been tested in rats successfully
  • In the future, we will be able to implant these devices to get updates on the health of our body, and early diagnose serious issues
  • These sensors are being fit for the purposes of allowing individuals to control prosthetics merely through thoughts
  • The development of these sensors will allow us to have long term devices in our body without the risk of infection or unwanted movement.

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All things AI and emerging tech :)

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Ashley C

Ashley C

All things AI and emerging tech :)

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